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Globechain connects tens of thousands of charities to corporate donors.


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Positive Social and Environmental Impact.

Offer commodities to enhance local economies, support charities and give responsibly

UK Helping causes from children and elderly to conservation and animals within the UK

Helping with disaster recovery and international aid globally


Produce environmental and social impact data for sustainability audits and social return on investment (SROI).

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How it works

For organisations and members listing and requesting items


Register free as either a company, charity, organisation or individuals you are wanting to upload or take items as.

Easy Listings

Choose the categories for your products to list and search. Intelligent software helps you search and suggest local to your area or nationally.


Members request the items, the member offering chooses who to give items to.


Members requesting items arrange their own collections. The member offering specifies availability.

Impact data & Reports

Members collecting are asked to fill in feedback every 3rd collection to provide social, environmental and economic impact data for both parties. Reports are generated showcasing this.


Free for individuals, £10 per listing fee for SMEs and organisations offering one off transactions, Annual membership fee for large & FTSE organisations and a one off fee for bespoke projects